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Thanks to the great family of Mexican Manufacturers who represent our subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico, In ECD International (MCS Mexico, SA CV) we've formed a professional and experienced team, that are constantly innovating and implementing methods to reach the end customer with the lowest cost market so everybody is satisfied with the final success. We have more than 2,000 companies in the national territory and the same in the other countries.
Our Company is a company with over 10 years of experience in the international and national market, that sells products for different types markets, self-service shops, institutional markets, provided direct selling, not expensive for the product. Our Commercial Relations are located in more than 8 countries that already have offices in the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

The purpose of MCS is to seek Market Niches for companies in which we will join to get to the final consumer. Our Company is the one who guarantees the payment to the manufacturer and penetrates the market in the most transparent manner, as the manufacturer and the store (our client) establishes relations, which is of vital importance to you, as well as known where the product is being sell.

MCS brings potential buyers from the various countries. Also, we participate exposing in the most important fairs in the world to achieve continuous updating market for your product.

It should be noted that our company works with various Mexican companies which are engaged in different types of markets.

With these, you can realize that we are a company that seeks serious relationships and enduring, but we do not seek exclusivity. We are always looking for annualized work programs for your company so you can either schedule shipments and logistics that is best for your company.

Today we are proud of our new union and image of ECD International executives, with more experience in the field. We are confident that in the same way as we have built our company, we can build yours.

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